“Israel Day” in Jiangsu Province held in Nanjing
November 30, 2011

Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai celebrated “Israel Day” in an extraordinary way – the first “Israel Day” in Jiangsu Province was held in Nanjing, the capital of Jiangsu Province, on November 24, 2011.

“Israel Day” in Jiangsu was headed by Israeli Ambassador Amos Nadai and Consul General of Israel Jackie Eldan, the event was attended by the Vice governor of Jiangsu Province Xu Nanping, five mayors from Jiangsu Province, officials from Foreign Offices, Science and Technology department, Agricultural department, CEO and representatives of commercial companies, lecturers from universities, journalists, graduates from MASHAV program, and CEOs of 30 Israeli companies that are active in Jiangsu Province. There were more than 200 guests in total including local media.


The event consisted of business forum, piano concert and dinner reception. On the business forum, CEO of Galtronics Ephraim Ulmer, and Founder and Managing Partner of Infinity Amir Gal-Or both gave presentations about business of their companies and shared their experiences of doing business in China. Many government officials and company representatives were inspired and encouraged to explore potential cooperation with their Israeli counterparts. The business forum was followed by a piano concert by well-known Israeli pianist Dorel Golan, and a classic Chinese music performance by a Chinese zheng & pipa band. The lucky draw of the gala dinner awarded the winner free round tickets to Israel provided by El-Al Airline.  


Consul General Jackie Eldan said on the business forum that, “the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai wishes to dedicate this day as a special tribute to Jiangsu province, recognizing our special relations and mutual achievements in the last three years.” The relationship between Israel and Jiangsu has experienced a big leap during the past three years. There have been three consecutive Party Secretaries from Jiangsu Province visited Israel and Party Secretary Luo Zhijun just visited Israel in July 2011, which was his first visit abroad since he has taken office. Israel and Jiangsu province identify each other as natural and complimentary partners especially in the field of Science and Technology. In 2008, a Research & Development agreement was signed between Israel and Jiangsu province, and it was transformed into a permanent fund for R&D cooperation between Jiangsu province and Israeli companies in technology and investment. Up until now, there have been more than 30 successful matching of projects since the agreement came into force in 2009.