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Ms. Einat Lev, Head of Economic and Trade Mission to East China 

Email:  Einat.lev@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Daya Teichman Schnitzer, Trade Officer

Email: Daya.Teichman@israeltrade.gov.il

Mrs. Tina Xie, Trade Officer

Email: Tina.xie@israeltrade.gov.il 

Ms. Mavis Fang,Trade Officer

Email:  Mavis.fang@israeltrade.gov.il 

Ms. Charlotte Yu, Trade Officer

Email: Charlotte.yu@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Mandy Wang, Trade Officer

Email: Mandy.wang@israeltrade.gov.il

Mr. Ido Rozenman, Trade Officer

Email: ido.rozenman@israeltrade.gov.il