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The Israeli Economic Mission in Shanghai

The Israeli Economic Mission in Shanghai is responsible for promoting the economic and trade relations between Israel and Shanghai, as well as four additional provinces in East China – Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui and Jiangxi, based on the concept of "Diplomacy in the service of economy", in which government officials are actively promoting and branding the Israeli economy in addition to opening doors for Israeli companies to cooperate with local companies, government agencies and organizations.

In order to promote Israeli export, the Economic Mission has established a wide network of economic ties with relevant entities and key personnel in leading companies, economic organizations and the Chinese government. The Economic Mission has also accumulated knowledge and experience regarding leading sectors, as well as the business culture and the procedures necessary to maintain economic activity in China.

The main areas of activity of the Economic Mission are as follows:

  • Providing assistance to Chinese companies that are looking for technologies and solutions in finding business information regarding Israeli companies, based on specific requirements, in order to establish cooperation, joint ventures or investments.


  • Bringing senior Chinese personnel to visits in Israel in order to establish connections with Israeli companies and develop business relations.


  • Providing assistance and support to Israeli companies in identifying business opportunities, strategic partners, clients, investors, distributers, importers and other entities that can of assist in penetrating the Chinese market.


  • Providing assistance in connecting Israeli companies with professional organizations regarding the establishment of offices and enterprises in China.


  • Organizing roadshows and other events in east China for Israeli companies in order to connect with Chinese clients, partners, distributers and investors.


  • Establishing and promoting Israeli national pavilions in business exhibitions in order to promote Israeli companies in local markets. Pavilions are where business meetings are arranged between Chinese and Israeli companies.


  • Organizing seminars and other business events in China in order to present Israel's economy, technologies and innovation.


  • Operating and managing the Israeli business center in Shanghai, the first business center operated by Israeli government worldwide.


  • Operating the Chinese website dedicated to Israel's economy, including regular updates regarding the business activities of the Economic Mission in various areas and an informative blog about the Israeli economy and the business opportunities offered by Israeli companies in areas that are specific to the Chinese market (http://itrade.gov.il/china/)



The first Israeli Business Center in the world

The Israel Ministry of Economy and Industry chose to open the first Israeli business center in Shanghai emphasize the important relationship between China and Israel. The business center is established in order to help Israeli companies with their first steps in the Chinese market, and act as a stepping-stone for their further activity in the country.

The center, under the management of the Economic Mission in Shanghai, offers Israeli companies a soft landing in the Chinese market, by providing them with direction and counsel regarding marketing activities in China, and offering them the use of the center’s services as an office, free of charge.

Companies are invited to use the center as a temporary or permanent base of operations in accordance with their needs.

The business center is a joint initiative of the Israeli Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Finance, intended to address the need of companies to have local representation in China from the start of their activity. The goal of the center is to allow companies to check the Chinese market, while providing them with counseling services and bearing some of the costs involved.


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