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Key Personnel

Mr. Nadav Zysblat, Acting Consul-General

Email: CG@Shanghai.mfa.gov.il    

Mr. Nadav Zysblat, Deputy Consul- General

Email: Dcm@shanghai.mfa.gov.il                                                                                            

Mr. Tal Shvartsman, Consul and Head of Administration Section 

Email: Consul@shanghai.mfa.gov.il

Ms. Einat Lev, Head of Economic and Trade Mission to East China 

Email: Einat.Lev@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Nian Liu, Head of Consul General's Bureau   

Email: Consulgeneral-assistant@shanghai.mfa.gov.il

Security Section

Mr. Ronen Laniado, Vice Consul, Head of Security Section

Email: Cso@shanghai.mfa.gov.il

Commercial Section

Mrs. Daya Teichman Schnitzer, Trade Officer

Email: Daya.Teichman@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Tina Xie, Trade Officer

Email: Tina.xie@israeltrade.gov.il  

Ms. Charlotte Yu, Trade Officer

Email: Charlotte.yu@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Mandy Wang, Trade Officer

Email: Mandy.Wang@israeltrade.gov.il

Mr. Ido Rozenman, Trade Officer 

Email: Ido.rozenman@israeltrade.gov.il

Ms. Maya Horin

E-mail: maya.horin@israeltrade.gov.il

Governmental Department 

Mr. Henry Xu, Director

Email: Economy1@shanghai.mfa.gov.il 

Media, Academic and cultural department

Ms. Sophie He, Deputy Head of culture  & Academia Section 

Email:  culture2@shanghai.mfa.gov.il

Ms. Joyce Yao, Spokesperson

Email: Press@shanghai.mfa.gov.il 

Mr. Asaf Amitai, Senior project manager

 E-mail: academic@shanghai.mfa.gov.il



Administration Section



Mrs. Vivian Qiao, Deputy Head of Administration Section  

Email: Consul-assistant@shanghai.mfa.gov.il 

Ms. Tai, Administration Assistant

Email: Consular3@shanghai.mfa.gov.il                                                                                                                                                         

Consular Section

Mr. Richard Huang, Consular Assistant

Email: Consular@shanghai.mfa.gov.il 

Mrs.Keren Laniado, Consular Assistant 


Email: Consular-assistant2@shanghai.mfa.gov.il


Ms. Jenny Zhan, Consular Assistant

Email: Consular4@shanghai.mfa.gov.il


Ms. Noga Feige, Consular Assistant

Email:  Consular2@shanghai.mfa.gov.il