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Notice regarding notary verification services in the Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai 

The Consul's authority abroad to serve as a Notary, are based on article 50A, to the Notary Law, 1976. According to this law, the Consul has the legal right of a Notary. In general, the notary approvals issued by the Consulate are in Hebrew only and are meant to be used in the State of Israel.

Notary approvals in Hebrew cannot be translated into any other language and in any case the Consulate cannot edit them. Notary verifications will be made in person in the presence of the Consul, in the consular section. The applicant must be identified by passport or ID card or any verified public document which includes the applicant's photo and is approved by the Consul to be used for that matter. For real-estate passports or ID card are obligatory.

Verification of a public document (with the official seal of the relevant local Foreign Affairs Office) does not require the presence of the applicant. All Notary services require an appointment. Please send an email to consular2@shanghai.mfa.gov.il, or call 021-60102528.

The Consulate will not prepare legal documents of any kind. The Consulate does not provide translation or printing services.

Please note: The Consul will apply discretion according to each case separately, and is entitled to deny service if the action is not according to the law.

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Disclaimer: in any case of contradiction, the regulations of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs will over rule the content of this note. For further information please check MFA's website at:


Please pay attention to the following instructions:

1. In order to receive notary services (including life certificates), appointments should be made for signing in the consular section. People who did not schedule an appointment will not be let in. Appointments can be scheduled over the phone at  021-60102528 or by E-mail:


Leaving a message on our voicemails will not be considered as setting an appointment.

2. All documents signed at the Consulate should be bilingual, one copy in Chinese and one copy in English or Hebrew.

3. Please make sure you have an approved translation accepted by the Consulate before setting an appointment.

4. All relevant details in the document should be filled in before coming to the Consulate (Israeli company’s name and business registration number, worker’s name and passport number) except for the signature. The document should only be signed in front of the consul, inside the consular section.

5. The consular staff will not instruct a worker how to sign the contract or how to complete any other action. The procedure should be thoroughly explained to him before he arrives at the consular section.

6. The Consulate will not supply any printing or copying services. If the notarization process is needed on a certain document and several copies, the applicant must come to Consulate with the document and the copies, prepared in advance.

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Life Certificate procedure:


Life certificate form is a document that is required by institutions in Israel to prove that a certain person is still alive. When such document is requested, it will be notarized in a Diplomatic Mission and only in front of the Consul. If you are required to send such a document to Israel, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Please send the life certificate form you have obtained. The form should include all necessary details, but without your signature. Please send the form to our fax, number 86-21-60102555.
  2. Make sure to include your mobile number as well. Without such number the request will not be processed.
  3. After making sure the form and the details are according to the regulations, a Consulate representative will contact the applicant to schedule the appointment with the Consul.
  4. Appointments will only be made on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 09.30-12.30.
  5. After setting up the appointment, the applicant may arrive to the Consulate on that date with a paid voucher of 85 Yuan from CITIC bank (for every separate life certificate form the fee is 85 Yuan).

No appointments will be scheduled without following the above mentioned procedure. 

Translations Agency Hebrew-Chinese-English

上海市外事翻译工作者协会 Shanghai Interpreter's Association

Website :   http://www.shwsfy.com/

Address:1277 Beijing Xi Lu (Xi Kang Lu)


Telephone:63239910 ,63233608 ,63239181


Shanghai Notary Public

(上海市公证处),  Feng Yang Lu #598

Telephone: 6215-4848 or 800 6204 848, http://www.sh-notary.gov.cn/

上海东方公证处, 凤阳路598号/ 石门二路

Notary services of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Foreign Affairs Office of Shanghai

Shanghai Foreign Affairs Service Center, Huashan Lu  #228 

上海外事服务中心, 华山路228号靠近延安路, 202室 


Shanghai foreign Affairs Center Pudong, Minsheng lu 1518 (Hanxiao lu 80)

room 101, block A, JIn Ying Plaza

tel: 50933651

浦东新区 民生路1518号(含笑路80号)金鹰大厦A幢101室

Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui

8 Meishan  road, Hefei Anhui 230022 P.R. China

安徽省人民政府外事办公室      安徽省合肥市眉山路8号   邮编230022

Foreign Affairs Office of Zhejiang in Hangzhou

25 Santaishan Road, Hangzhou 310007 P.R China

浙江省人民政府外事办公室      杭州市三台山路25号 邮编210007

Foreign Affairs Office of Jiangsu in Nanjing

313 North Zhongshan Road, Nanjing, 210003 China

江苏省人民政府外事办公室      南京市西康路15号 邮编 210024


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