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Israeli Culture in Shanghai

LIVE_TRACE Multi-Media Art Exhibition presented by Israeli Artists

10:00-17:00, Mar 8-31,2015(closed every Monday)

Duolun Museum of Modern Art(27 Duolun Rd, Hongkou district) 

Daniel Shoshan and Amit Matalon, two Israeli artists who wonder the open space, photographing and drawing the local Israeli landscape, documenting and processing by employing various tools and methods. This project represents an attempt to disassemble local Israeli landscape from the myths and ideological baggage it carries. At the same time, it is also an attempt to dismantle drawing from its own myths by building a new language and practice.


New Year's Concert by the National NKO Orchestra Israel

7:30pm, Jan 4, 2015

Oriental Art Centre, Shanghai

The National NKO Orchestra has gained an honorable reputation and a unique status among Israeli orchestras. This is a vibrant and energetic orchestra that performs 120 concerts annually and brings to the concert halls rich and varied musical experiences - classics alongside folklore, a fusion of styles, arts, sounds and sights, while maintaining constant and uncompromising balance and quality of performance. The orchestra has won numerous awards and prizes, including the ACUM Prize, the "Top Hat" Prize and the Prize of the Public Council for Culture and Arts.

Meet renowned Israeli artist David Gerstein in person
Creating wall sculptures that "Dance"

6pm, December 21, 2014

Gift House, XinTianDi

Featuring art pieces sold in more than 16 top cities in the world-London, New York, San Francisco, California, Rome, Singapore, Seoul, Taiwan.

Israel Art Jewelry Exhibition

December 19,2014 - January 16, 2015

3/F, Tower 1, No. 909 Tian Yao Qiao Rd

Closing Ceremony of World Music Shanghai: Revisit the Shanghai Noah’s Ark

October 26,2014


An Israeli band Ramzailech cooperated with the Polish band Kroke for the night of Jewish music.

Charity Auction

October 21,2014

Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai, together with the Israeli company A.L. Group, held an auction on Oct 21 in Shanghai. With  80 paintings donated by Israeli artists sold, with the average price per painting 1500 RMB, the good amount of money will be donated to XiErSen Hope Forest Center. XiErSen is a nonprofit organization founded by the Israeli company A.L. Group. It aims to improve the condition of special education in China for Chinese people. XiErSen provides quality training for educators and parents, direct services to children, who suffer from a wide-range of disabilities and special needs. Such event is a good example for Israeli companies in China to carry out their social responsibilities.

Photo exhibition "The Echo of the Wailing Wall-Israel"

Hongqiao Contemporary Art Museum

October 20-30, 2014

 "Trends in Contemporary Glass Art" presented by Israeli gallery Litvak

Shanghai Himalayas Museum

10:00-18:00 Tuesday-Sunday, September16-November 2, 2014

The exhibition brings together 8 of the world's leading glass artists working in various different glass techniques such as: casting, carving, fusing,  lamp-working and blowing. These artists are: Peter Bremers(Holland), Lucio Bubacco(Italy), Vaclav Cigler(Chech), Vaclav Machac(Chech), Richard Jolley(US), Jaromir Rybak(Chech), Julius Weiland(Germany), and William Morris(US).