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Promotion of cultural relations between Israel and China is an important and integral part of the overall bilateral relations between the two countries. The Consulate General of Israel in Shanghai serves as a bridge and facilitator in promoting Israeli Culture in Shanghai and the nearby provinces, in addition to its interest in promoting Chinese culture in Israel.

The People of Israel and the People of China have a lot in common. Perhaps the most fundamental factor in common, is - Tradition, and indeed, Education and Culture are tradition.

Education and Culture are two major milestones in the history of the people of Israel. Most of the People of Israel consider education and culture to be a part of a precious legacy. Following the tradition of past generations, education continues to be a fundamental value in Israel's society and is recognized as the key to its future. It seeks to impart a high level of knowledge, with an emphasis on scientific and technological skills essential for the country's continued development.

The Israeli education and culture have developed rapidly since the beginning of the 20th century, while facing many challenges, which have originated mainly from the diversity of the people of Israel. The ingathering of Jews from around the world has been both a challenge and a success. The people of Israel, who have re-united in their historical homeland, after 2000 years in exile, have brought with them cultures absorbed in places such as Yemen and Germany, Russia and Argentina. The Jewish Rabbis who studied the Talmud & the Bible, together with Scientists who have researched mathematics and physics, and the young philosopher from the heart of Europe's political center.

The first task facing the newly-born State of Israel was to develop a new and modern educational system, building a structure that would support the shaping of the new Israeli culture, while preserving the rich and unique traditions and cultures, of Jewish communities worldwide.

In the following pages we have included some information regarding the cooperation in the field of culture between Israel and China, with emphasis on the activities in the Consulate jurisdiction - the city of Shanghai and the provinces of Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Anhui and Jiangxi.